La Rioja

28/02/2013   (Spanish)

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National Radio of Spain (R.N.E.)

2/08/2013   (Spanish)

Interview in audio

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Guitare Classique 

15/11/2009   (French)

"Je pense que l'art est un outil néccessaire pour humaniser le capitalisme du XXI siècle"

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National Radio of Spain (R.N.E.)

29/10/2008   (Spanish)

Interview in audio

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15/02/2008   (Spanish)

"Quisiera encontrar la forma de ampliar el repertorio de guitarra con compositores actuales"

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Classical Guitar

2007   (English)

"These days a long list of competitions won in a young guitarists curriculum seems to be essential credentials. That is not to say that winning competitions is easily done or carry any less weight. The young Spanish guitarist Pablo Sáinz Villegas has won 28 international awards, performed in some of the world's finest concert halls and has been soloist with renowned orchestras such as Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, the Canberra Symphony Orchestra and the New York Virtuosi Chamber Symphony, among others."

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2007   (Portuguese)

"Fenômeno! Vencedor de importantes prêmios internacionais, Pablo Sáinz Villegas é um dos grandes nomes da nova geração do violão erudito mundial"

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Spaniards in Business

2007   (English)

"Spanish classical guitarist Pablo Saínz Villegas came to New York City six years ago with a dream of expanding his artistic talent and continuing on his journey of professional development. He arrived, he says, with “my suitcase in one hand, and my guitar in the other.” Filled with hope and illusion, he was about to begin studies at the Manhattan School of Music with the renowned guitarist David Starobin"

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2006   (Spanish)

"Como músico disfruto todo tipo de música que sea de buena calidad compositiva y que tenga contenido dramático"

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La Rioja

25/06/2006   (Spanish)

"Cualquier artista se debe a su medio de expresión con total veneración y respeto"

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Agencia de UNB, Brasil 

29/07/2005   (Portuguese) 

"Nossa, como ele é jovem. A frase sussurrada pela platéia da Sala Martins Penna do Teatro Nacional se dirigia ao violonista espanhol Pablo Sainz Villegas, que, na noite de quinta-feira, 28 de julho, apresentou recital dentro da programação do I Festival Internacional de Inverno de Brasília - Música Viva (FIB 2005), promovido pela Universidade de Brasília (UnB)"

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La Rioja

03/07/2005   (Spanish)

"Me habría gustado que Beethoven hubiese compuesto para guitarra"

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La Rioja

14/06/2005   (Spanish)

"El mundo de la música e Internet deberían llegar a un equilibrio"

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El Correo

11/06/2005   (Spanish)

"Quien me iba a decir a mí que la vida iba a dar tantas vueltas"

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La Rioja

03/06/2005   (Spanish)

"Como músico disfruto todo tipo de música que sea de buena calidad compositiva y que tenga contenido dramático"

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In Concerto

1998   (Italian)

"Una dei più sicuri talenti della gloriosa scuola spagnola, il chitarrista Pablo Sáinz Villegas, 20 anni, fa il suo debutto in Italia. Suona per “Música in Villa”, accompagnato dall`orchesta dei Pomeriggi Musicali. Nato a Logroño, è già vincitore di numerosi concorsi internazionali."

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La Rioja

29/06/1999   (Spanish)

"Echo de menos Logroño"

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ABC, Spain

"The beauty of the execution, the musical rigour and the elegance of this young guitarist's phrasing are those of the chosen few. Sáinz's guitar repertoire shuns tricks to direct itself at each of his listeners as if in a confidential, personal conversation, almost as clear as the waters of Granada."

The New York Times, U.S.A.

"Pablo Sáinz Villegas put a warm, beautifully rounded guitar tone at the service of the music."

Hurriyet, Turkey

"The audience lived unforgettable moments with his extraordinary interpretation. It will be told that we have watched the guitar master of the future. A Star"

Corriere della Sera, Italy

"The career of this soloist, with his calm, elegant ways, is going to be talked about."

El Correo, Spain

"What aplomb for public performance! What exquisite expressiveness!"

Thüringer Allgemeine, Germany

"His Spanish character and passion created a magic atmosphere in the hall."

The Canberra Times, Australia

"Great ovation for virtuoso guitar performance well deserved. Maestro Sáinz Villegas was joined by the Canberra Symphony Orchestra for Rodrigo's Fantasía para un gentil hombre and then Concierto de Aranjuez. Both pieces were incredibly performed and prompted the crowd to applaud for encore after encore. It was impressive to see the often reserved Canberra crowd get excited!"

La Rioja, Spain

"Now I see it clearly. It is obvious, definitive: Pablo is a seducer, a damn seducer! A marvellous, intuitive and ingenious seducer who performs the subtlest seduction with his guitar on those hearing each of his concerts. He does it without effort, he does it without really meaning to, although he does mean to a little, because that is the natural quality of the true artist, the talent that distinguishes him from others. Those who stand out are the pureblood artists. Rogues. They are the accomplices of sound, of that magical universe they belong to and from which they know how to extract the richest substances, transforming them into invisible bodies of harmonic vibration causing us infinite pleasure and emotion! It is that simple - a refined exercise in sonorous seduction. Pablo's resolve is at times almost insulting, more than anything because of his natural attitude and especially because of that proverbial sound quality, the rich sound with which the guitarist seduces us. Pablo conquers the audience. A damn seducer!"

La Rioja, Spain

"What an artist he looks, just stepping on stage and embracing the instrument! Within the walls of the auditorium, the prodigy appears once again, just as in old times. Pablo is the exceptional type produced by each generation. Talents like Pablo are the heritage of many peoples. The energy flies into the hall and penetrates the skin of the listener. The people see the miracle of making music. Breath is short and the ovation is huge. Describing technical details would be excessive. He has too many of them. Just report the performance: pure music."