MWB Legacy

"The Music Without Borders Legacy" is a project of hope and happiness founded by Pablo Sáinz Villegas in 2007 in collaboration with the International Community Foundation in San Diego, U.S.A. and the Foundation for the Protection of the Children in Tijuana, México.

The goal of "The Music Without Borders Legacy" is to leverage the inspirational power of classical music to humanize and bridge communities across cultural, social, and political borders for the benefit of our youth, and gives them the opportunity to participate in an enriching learning environment that contributes to a healthy and fulfilling experience of self-expression and realization.

Since 2007, "The Music Without Borders Legacy" project has reached more than 7000 children and is also financing three music teachers at the "Casa Hogar Santa Teresita" and the "Instituto Panamericano" in Tijuana, Mexico. 

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